Playing Dress-up with Baby Kate

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First Day of School

I am so excited for my oldest girls to be off for another year of school - but I will miss them tons!

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One Camera - Five Kids

Happy Easter

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Random Baby Kate Pics



Holy cow!! Today I bought three packages of Huggies Gentle Care diapers for $5.00. Here is how you can do it too:

* Walgreen's is having a sale on diapers - $10.00 a package BUT you get $10.00 back (for future purchases) if you spend at least $25.00.

* Go to coupons.com and print out the Huggies coupon for $5.00 off one package. I printed it at home and the neighbor's (thanks Lisa) so I could have three coupons.

* Call Walgreen's before you go so you can find out if they have any in stock. I just happened to get there right when a shipment arrived.

I hope that all will take advantage of this great price on diapers!


Kate's tanning bed

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Kate spent the first six days of her life in her "tanning bed". I was not surprised when the doc said she was jaundiced but was surprised when it happened to fast. The doc said that she was born jaundiced. Kate has the same blood type as Lauryn, who spent 3 days in the NICU for jaundice. A+ blood and mine do not get along!